- Mar 25, 2008
References: choccywoccydoodah
A company called Choccywoccydoodah has set up an intimate boudoir of sheer chocolate for dacadent self indulgence. A bit like the chocolate room except that was a PR stunt and this is the real deal. I really love this idea though essentially it is just a tasting experience with knobs on.

Up to 12 guests enter the room and then are served up chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate for the price of £200 which works out cheap if you consider the price of normal choccywoccydoodah goodies.

In the Choccywoccyboudoir you get to enjoy hot chocolates made of pure Belgian chocolate, milkshakes, chocolate cake, slivers of Grand-Cru chocolate, handmade Belgian chocolate truffles and chocolate fondue for fruit and other treats like marshmallows and Turkish delight.

Here's the other chocolate room we've seen as well as some chocolate furniture.