- Mar 24, 2019
These March 2019 commercial trends range from ASMR beer ads to language-unifying tutorials that aim to connect people around the globe with the help of translation technology. Released during Super Bowl 2019, Google's '100 Billion Words' commercial spotlights the tech giant's multilingual translation service and aims to unite the world through its platform. Another Super Bowl standout is 'The Pure Experience' commercial by Michelob which stars Zoe Kravitz. Featuring whispers and soft sounds, the ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) ad takes advantage of the social media craze which aims to relax and calm those watching.

Another branded example of ASMR marketing LYNX's Shower & Shave Series which aims to take viewers on a sensory journey.

A series of divergent fashion ads are other March 2019 commercials to note and include Balenciaga's Spring 2019 campaign which incorporates 90s sci-fi imagery that is reminiscent of cult film The Matrix, along with Diesel's 'Be a Follower' ad which pokes fun at influencer culture while encouraging its consumers to be themselves without worrying about others' perception of them.

From ASMR Beer Ads to Language-Unifying Tutorials: