From Custom Birthday Videos to Female Friendship Platforms

 - Mar 19, 2016
From personalized birthday greetings to female friendship platforms, the March 2016 social media trends reveal a change in both online and real-life interactions.

In recent years, many social media platforms have made significant efforts to make their services more personal. Facebook has made great strides in their area with the release of personalized birthday videos that go beyond basic messages and emotion-signaling icons that give users more ways to respond to online content. Snapchat has also made efforts to personalizing its services by opening up its geofilter submission page and allowing anyone to create a custom Snapchat filter.

Not only are social media platforms adjusting the ways consumers interact online, but they are also influencing real-life interactions. Indeed, the lines between online and offline interactions are becoming increasingly blurred thanks to apps such as Nine, which help Instagram users connect with like-minded individuals. The March 2016 social media trends also reveal a specific focus on female friendships with apps such as Hey! VINA and Yes New Friends helping women expand their social circle.