The Infinti Q30 is Debuted Using a Compass and an Influencer

 - Feb 24, 2016
References: & homecrux
The new vehicle marketing campaign behind the Infinti Q30 has Berlin-based Instagram photographer Micheal Schulz seeking out the new car with a little digital help. Infiniti provided Schulz with 'The Seeker' compass, which showed the influencer the direction to go in order to find the new car.

The GPS-enabled compass is designed after the likeness of the Infinti Q30 vehicle, while the features of the device include the ability to show direction and mission progress.

The vehicle marketing campaign marries the idea of exploration and beauty with the utilization of an Instagram influencer and a little tech integration. Schulz photographed the vehicle in his signature style and is uploading them over the course of an extended period with the hashtag #BornToChallenge attached.