These Homemade Brownies are Transformed into the Instagram Logo

 - Jan 28, 2016
References: foodiggity
Popular food YouTuber Rosanna Pansino shares on her channel how to recreate the recognizable Instagram social media logo using sweet edibles such as brownies, candies and cookies on her channel Nerdy Nummies. The baking tutorial creatively

The Chocolate Peanut Butter Instagram Brownies creatively transform the popular dessert into the polaroid camera logo of the image-sharing platform. The brownies are topped with a cookie to recreate the camera lens, peanut butter to replicate the camera's body, a rainbow sour candy as the rainbow emblem and a coffee bean as the shutter.

The replicating of popular brand logos using food speaks to how socially recognizable and popular platforms such as Instagram are in that consumers are eager to eat sweets and foods that replicate the brand's unique designs.