From Sensory Retail Pods to Zero Waste Pop-Ups

 - Jun 25, 2017
June 2017 brand activations reveal escapist features in retail spaces, as well as brands seeking to create temporary spaces that avoid hurting the environment.

Volvo has provided an excellent example of the escapist trend, with its 'Escape the City in Your City' pop-up experience, which offered consumers "the chance to enjoy a free 30-minute session of their choosing" in London. This included everything from massages to a guided run. Another example of the escapist trend is the Benetton Pop Up Cube project, which features immersive portable retail pods that contain interactive ads and "emotion rooms."

The "Package Free" shops functions as an example of pop-up spaces seeking to promote environmental consciousness. The space offers a variety of personal care and home items, some of which are made from repurposed materials, and produces very little waste.