- Jun 27, 2015
These June 2015 sports trends range from calorie-powered bikes to minimalist basketball shoes that embrace an understated design aesthetic. As sportswear becomes more fashion forward, athletic brands are not only borrowing from runway themes but are also enlisting the help of celebrity brand ambassadors. These include music stars who are designing custom sneaker and clothing lines and rappers who are re-branding the basketball uniforms of their home team.

In addition to shoes that blend style with performance, these June 2015 sports trends include revamped equipment -- like the common compression sock and cycling helmet-- that is becoming more style-focused. These performance and safety-themed products are no longer an afterthought but are instead marketed to fashion-conscious consumers.

On the fitness front, consumers' desire to stay healthy has extended far beyond a workout routine. Cyclist cafes, boutique gyms and shopping mall health facilities are changing the way we exercise. Instead of a place where one goes to unwind for an hour or two, gyms are blending into one's daily routine more seamlessly.

From Calorie-Powered Bikes to Minimalist Basketball Shoes: