This Backpack Provides Safe Communication Between Cyclists and Motorists

 - May 18, 2015
References: vimeo & artefactgroup
Artefact has create a turn signal backpack with embedded LED lights designed for cyclists. This is an updated alternative to flashing lights, reflective tape, and noise makers. It lets motorists know where bikers are and where they are going.

The turn signal backpack has multi-functioning capabilities. The most notable feature is the RGB LED lights series that connects to a smartphone app. The bright break lights and turn signals will resonate better with motorists who are already accustomed to seeing these signs. The second feature is that it is a stylish backpack.

There is also an option to connect the backpack to a smartphone with Bluetooth which allows riders to map out their routes. The bag will use the maps to automatically flash turn signals where needed. Riders who don't have smartphones, or who don't have an exact destination, can use the touch-sensitive shoulder straps.