These Internet Meme-Themed Items are Hilarious

 - Jul 4, 2011
Internet memes are loved worldwide; some artists and entrepreneurs even use these memes as their muse.

Meme-themed products and parodies are highly sought after since Internet users understand and relate to them. It's not so unusual now to see nifty Nyan Cat toenails or Honey Badger coffee mugs. You'll laugh out loud at this crazy collection of Internet memes, including keyboard cat cupcakes and Rick Astley oil paintings.

Viewers will giggle at fully grown 'David after Dentist' and wooden 'Don't Tase me Bro's. Hang your favorite viral meme on your wall or around your neck with inspiration from this collection of magnificent Internet memes.

Implications - Consumers embrace products that induce feelings of nostalgia since they remind them of pleasant past experiences. These consumers seek products that make reference to elements of popular culture that they can relate to. Companies can cater to these customers by seeking new viral media and incorporating them into their product designs.