These Jinyu and Karren Planking Pictures are Perilously Pleasing

 - Jun 4, 2011
References: inventorspot & randommization
Planking is rapidly becoming a popular pictorial pastime for many, and these Jinyu and Karren planking pictures portray the peculiarity of the sport.

Taiwanese plankers Jinyu and Karren enjoy the strange sport, which involves lying face-down on the ground or on structures. The appeal of this practice is unclear to me; some say plankers are mimicking dead bodies that have died in odd situations and haven't yet been moved. Whatever the case, these two talented plankers have taken their art form to the city. Jinyu and Karren can be found planking on objects and architecture alike, lying down on benches, stairways and mailboxes.

Browse through the Jinyu and Karren planking pictures to see planking at its prime in a big-city setting.