Sam Spratt Turns Troll Face, Rage Guy and Others into Realistic Humans

 - Jun 17, 2011
References: samspratt & obviouswinner
Sam Spratt is a talented illustrator who hails from Brooklyn, New York. He focuses his works of art on pop culture and internet memes.

Sam Spratt's latest illustrations take upon on some famous meme characters we all know and love: Rage Guy, Troll Face, FFFUUUU and Forever Alone. Spratt takes these originally poorly drawn characters and makes them a little more life-like. The original Forever Alone drawing is pretty simple and yet very creepy. Making it almost life-like may make you feel a little bit uncomfortable.

Luckily these faces are almost impossible to replicate in real life so we wont be seeing any people walking around with a smirk on their face like Troll Face. I look forward to the next memes Sam Spratt illustrates.