'Attack Ads, Circa 1800' by Reason Show Modern Politicians How It's Done

 - Nov 1, 2010   Updated: Jun 22 2011
References: reason & gawker
The political attack ad has become a modern fixture in the election cycle, and 'Attack Ads, Circa 1800' by Reason kicks this meme old-school style. The video infuses actual quotes presidential candidates used to talk smack on their opponents into a modern TV commercial.

The next time you don't agree with someone's political views, just call them a "hatchet-faced nutmeg dealer," as Stephen Douglas called Abraham Lincoln.

Implications - Oftentimes, people resort to parody and satire in order to criticize societal issues while avoiding criticism themselves from authority figures. In doing so, satirists establish a bond between themselves and their audiences. Corporations who are willing to stand up for social justice will likely gain the support of many consumers if the cause is relevant to their lives.