The Lame Pun Coon is a Comedically Cute Creature

Known as the Lame Pun Coon, this meme has taken the Internet by storm. The image-based meme features the face of a lovable little raccoon who smiles at his audience. Similar to several other viral memes, his head floats in front of a vibrantly striped background. This furry friend has a funny bone like no other; he has a passion for puns and a way with wit. Sometimes risque and sometimes cheesy, the Lame Pun Coon covers all of the comedic bases. The best part about this crazy 'coon is that he surely resembles at least one person you know; whether it be a crazy uncle or a lovable co-worker.

Lame Pun Coon is one raccoon you won't want to shoo out of your life; this little rascal will have you rolling on the floor in laughter.