This Nyan Cat Man Video Brings Our Favorite Feline to Life

 - May 23, 2011
References: youtube & likecool
If you are familiar with the popular 'Nyan Cat' Internet meme, you are going to appreciate the humor in this video. This 'Nyan Cat Man' video is a real-life re-enactment of the Nyan Cat Internet meme, performed by a man on a bicycle. The video's content is exactly the same as the original Internet clip -- the cute "cat" smiles at the camera in his catsuit while cycling in front of a rainbow. The only difference between this video and the real Nyan Cat is that this video eventually ends (thank goodness) unlike the never-ending, hypnotizing Internet Nyan Cat.

This 'Nyan Cat Man' video is perfect for hardcore meme lovers, or even for those unfamiliar with the meme. After all, who doesn't want to see a man cycling in a catsuit in front of a rainbow?