The Nyan Cat Pedicure is Vibrant & Purrfectly Painted

 - Jul 1, 2011
References: buzzfeed
Clothing, food, games and blogs have all been obsessed with this popular Internet meme and now it is no surprise that a Nyan Cat pedicure has surfaced. This Nyan Cat pedicure features the little kitty in miniature form on the big toe, alongside four toes painted in a rainbow print.

The detailing is expertly done on these toes so that the right foot perfectly matches the left. The 'Poptart' body of Nyan has even been painted with little sprinkle specs. The Nyan Cat pedicure, although adorable, might be a challenging one to maintain.

Implications - While it may be futile for a business to try and have a popular product or item replaced, it would be beneficial to expand or alter the product. A well-known product that can be accessed in an alternative version, form, or method will certainly appeal to a large clientele. Drawing from popular Internet memes is a way to instantly gain recognition from consumers.