Johnfactorial's Meme Paintings Add Humor to Any Household

 - May 17, 2011
References: geekosystem
These meme-ified masterpieces are hilarious additions to any techie-filled office or geektastic household.

Johnfactorial's meme paintings are clever and creative, transferring the niche jokes from computer screen to kitchen wall. The talented artist and his girlfriend recreated some of the most loved Internet memes in painting form, depicting them in a minimalist and somewhat Picasso-esque style.

Now, instead of having to scan the Internet for hours reading up on your favorite memes, you can hang your favorite ones in your household. After all, who wouldn't want to see an 'OMG Rage Face' first thing in the morning? You could even hang a 'Business Cat' copy in your office to motivate your work ethic. These meme-ified paintings make it all possible!

Check out Johnfactorial's meme paintings for inspiring Internet-themed household artwork.