- Apr 27, 2012
These five-finger finds recognize that there is currently no product or machine that can quite match the nuanced articulation of the human hand.

In recent years, robotic technology has obviously been becoming more and more advanced; however, there has yet to be a robot that can play Liszt without either ruining the piece or the piano on which it is played. For centuries, artists have claimed that the most difficult features of the human body to accurately depict are the hands. The products, art, design and novelties featured here all seek to accommodate this articulate and malleable aspect of human anatomy rather than compete against it.

Whether it something as lighthearted as a novelty finger mustache or as advanced as motion-sensing gloves, these innovations take advantage of tripe-jointed fingers and opposable thumbs.

From Bionic Gloves to Modern Art, These Pieces are Handy: