Hitachi's High Tech Security

 - Jul 27, 2007   Updated: Aug 9 2011
Biometrics seems to be the future of security and payment systems. Although not mainstream yet, fingerprints and retina scans are already being used. Hitachi has developed and is planning to field test the next technology in biometric systems using the veins inside our fingers. Infrared LEDs and a camera scans a person's finger, checking it against a database (just like fingerprints). Supposedly, finger veins are more secure due to their hard-to-duplicate pattern.

Implications - Many of today's consumers are mesmerized by products boasting complicated and complex technological characteristics. Such products are highly reflective of modernity and the accomplishments of the human race. Businesses that are able to deliver the most advanced technology and cutting-edge innovations in their products will likely generate high-levels of success.