'Hands Up' by Paul Ripke Matches Stereotypes with Finger Symbols

Hands Up by Paul Ripke is a series of photoshopped images that have replaced heads with hands. Each hand symbol is the stereotypical symbol that the head-replaced characters would use as their calling card.

For the Star Trek nerds, the head of the half-human/half-vulcan Spock has been replaced with the classic vulcan salute. The body of the tattooed rocker complete with a Manowar shirt has had the rock-on hand stapled onto his head. Even the surfers get their classic symbol stereotyped as the bronze beach body of a surfer girl is topped with the shaka sign. It's fascinating how hands can communicate so many different things just by raising or lowering a few fingers.

Shaking hands with the creatures of Hands Up by Paul Ripke would be an experience that would have to be photographed to be believed.