These Showstopping Frocks Define the True Meaning of Glamour

 - Nov 24, 2012
These gorgeous gown features define the true meaning of glamour. The epitome of femininity, these editorial spreads, ad campaigns, runway shows and celebrity style selects are undeniably elegant.

For ages, fashion's greatest couturiers have been showcasing their beautifully constructed gown designs. From Christian Dior to Valentino, these stunning and ornate pieces have paved the way for the red carpet obsession of today. Bringing glamour into the lives of the everyday woman, these garments encourage femininity and fantasy in one's life even if few will ever have the privilege of wearing them.

From gowned portraits to embellished runway presentations, these gorgeous gown features inspire the modern woman whether motivating her to dress up for a formal event or to make her wedding day one to remember.