From Big Brand Taco Sauces to Spicy Honey Condiments

 - Jun 17, 2014
As much as people residing in modern societies are becoming aware of the hazards of eating shelf food from the local grocery store, the convenience and affordability of such items ensure that examples of process flavoring continue to grow. In this case, they range from seasoning to syrups and, of course, sauces that help make meals a tasty treat every day of the week.

The use of modern branding that focuses on the healthy and natural benefits of these examples of process flavoring often play a huge part of the longevity of this inherently unhealthy industry. Yet unique twists on traditional seasoning and sauces also has a hand in the game. These include cannabis-flavored condiments, beer spice rubs and hot honey. Together, processed flavoring is remains irresistible.