Kekliktepe Olive Oil Pairs History with the Finest Flavors

 - Mar 21, 2014
There's a huge market for olive oil, but few have the special touch that Kekliktepe olive oil does. An olive oil company born where olive oil production truly started is bound to have standards to live up to, and Kekliktepe does so masterfully.

Olive oil is the type of ingredient that can make or break a meal. There are tons of oils and tons of ways to use it, but when one uses olive oil well, the aroma can bring a meal to a new level.

Kekliktepe Olive Oil forgoes the traditional production methods, preferring to use only the finest oils and get their hands dirty by crafting it themselves the creating 100% natural extra virgin olive oil. For those who prefer the finer things, there isn't much finer than an all natural meal enhancer like this.