From Coconut French Toast Recipes to Spiced Chocolate-Covered Bananas

 - Mar 11, 2015
As food mashups continue to explode all over the Internet, some adventurous chefs are turning to flavor fusion to innovate in the world of desserts. These sweet examples show how unexpected flavor combinations can transform an old standby to create a new recipe worth raving about. They also demonstrate how new dishes can be created all together.

S'mores (a classic campfire treat consisting of chocolate and melted marshmallow sandwiched between graham crackers) can be customized to include new elements, resulting in remarkable instances of flavor fusion. This can be seen with bacon s'more sandwiches, fruity campfire treats and campfire dessert cones.

Adding spice to chocolate is another way to go, such as piquant brownie desserts or spicy cacao bites. Adding a savory element is another flavor-fusing method, like fried shrimp parfaits.