Salty Wahine's Gourmet Sea Salts Infuse Hawaiian Flavorings

 - May 8, 2014
References: saltywahine & coolhunting
Salt adds an extra oomph of taste on everything, so imagine how your taste buds would react to gourmet sea salts on your food. Salty Wahine, a salt seasoning company, came up with Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salts, and they emulate all that the Hawaii food scene has to offer.

Hawaii is rich in culture, especially when it comes to food; exports include fish and fresh, tropical fruits. Not to mention, inhabitants are also world-renowned for their grilling skills at luaus. Thus, it was a great idea for the company to come up with grill seasonings that captures the island's essence.

The range of rubs include everything from a mango-java rub to a volcanic salt and a pineapple poultry rub.