Special Sh*t Seasonings are Bluntly Labeled to Add a Little Humor

 - Jan 17, 2013
References: specialshit & coolmaterial
As long as you aren't too bothered by a little vulgarity, then the Special Sh*t seasonings are great for adding a necessary zing to all of the cooking endeavours. The goofy line of seasonings are all named in a blunt way, so you not only know exactly what to use them for, but will also get a little chuckle when choosing.

There's the Bull Sh*t seasoning, which is for steak, Special Sh*t for your all-purpose seasoning needs and Aw Sh*t that packs a serious punch for those who like things spicy. The entire line of Special Sh*t seasonings are available in gift sets that are perfect for the chef with a dirty mouth, but a taste for some seriously good seasoning.