'Salt Made From Tears' from We Made This Ltd are Savory Seasonings

 - May 27, 2012
References: wemadethis & holykaw.alltop
With 'Salt Made From Tears' by We Made This Ltd you can now season your dish with legitimate tear-duct emotion.

This collection of savory salts puts your tears to a taste test by infusing them into the salt. One can choose from a variety of different salts, each made from a variety of tearful situations. Some of these situations include tears from sorrow, tears shed while chopping onions, tears from laughter, tears from anger and my personal favorite, tears while sneezing. Each individual salt has a distinctive taste that is perfect for your seasoning pleasure. The salt made from tears of sorrow is said to have a "delicate lavender flavor," according to the website.

We Made This Ltd salts come in a divine package that displays the emotion you are about to ingest. Next time you're at the dining room table ask someone to pass you the sorrow, I mean salt.