- Jul 29, 2011
Along with the shift towards greener living as a whole, many people now find themselves demanding eco-architecture from their builders and architects. If you don't, however, happen to find yourself looking for a snazzy new pad in the near future, let these amazing examples of eco-architecture be your green eye candy.

The thought of eco-architecture may have many people thinking of camping or minimalist living, and yet the reality is that many of these environmentally super-charged spaces actually feature lavish living. With that being said, those looking to indulge in eco-architecture can rest assured that eco no longer has to mean giving up their modern amenities and familiar comforts.

Implications - Along with this consumer demand for eco-conscious living spaces, businesses are met with an opportunity to create products that can easily compliment such adobes. Businesses that promote green products that can be used within the home will likely find many consumers willing to incorporate these products into their environmental lifestyles.

From Arched Eco Houses to Soccer Star Eco Abodes: