Square 2 Design Creates an Eco-Friendly Abode for Romania

 - Mar 8, 2011
References: square2design.ro & ecofriend
Romanian design group Square 2 Design has created an eco-friendly concept home for the Danube Delta in Romania. The unnamed eco-house features a wall covered in foliage and an indoor greenhouse.

The indoor greenhouse is my favorite feature of Square 2 Design's concept home. Usually, the greenhouse is its own self-contained unit away from the home, but Square 2 Design has brought it inside where it is both easier to maintain and harder to forget about.

The house looks small from the outside, but seems to have quite a spacious interior. The furniture inside is supposed to be eco-friendly as well, being constructed from biodegradable and recycled materials. Check out Square 2 Design's eco-house here and be sure to keep clicking below to see more kickass housing concepts.