This Submerged Eco Abode by Activate Architects Rejuvinates Its Environment

The Letamo Estate sits in the midst of the Cradle of Humankind and to commemorate the historic location's significance, this fantastic hotel designed by Activate Architects helps bring the area's wildlife and prosperity to the forefront.

Made largely from reclaimed and recycled building materials, the hotel features a lush green roof and a fully functional black-water recycling facility. Because of the building's growing roof and thermal-storing walls, Activate Architects was able to reduce its energy consumption by up to 75 percent -- a staggering figure given the size of the environmentally conscious complex.

Chief among Activate Architect's accomplishments with this structure, however, is the contribution it makes to its surrounding environment. Its black-water recycling system, for example, re-purposes used water and rainfall back into a naturally compliant wetland.