Rammed Earth Homes

 - Jun 20, 2008
References: greenupgrader
Innovations in architecture and construction materials are always welcomed because of the growing interest into going “green”.

The rammed earth construction for buildings is incredibly old. It can also be called, “man made sedimentary rock.”

It consists of several layers of prepared dirt (30% clay and 70% dirt) that are layered and packed by using man or machine power. When the process is completed, the walls made by this process are water, fire, weather, rot proof, they are hard as concrete and they also minimize temperature swings on the interior.

Other great benefits of this construction process is that you can add concrete, steel bars or veneers for strength and look. Also, you can use aluminum cans or tires as they can be used using the same method and build strong walls.

This old/new method can be incredibly useful for recycling and for using less energy in our homes.