47 Eco Architecture Designs

 - Aug 20, 2008
Sustainability is a vital element required for modern architecture to qualify under the luxury category. All truly remarkable, award-winning buildings being constructed today are incredibly eco-friendly and feature designs that significantly reduce the impact on the environment.

This cluster highlights some examples of modern eco architecture, from green solar-powered skyscrapers to prefab container homes.

The trend has even gone so far as to spur designers to create eco architecture for pets, including the featured dog houses with green roofs.

Take a browse through the gallery and marvel at architecturally green wonders such as eco university buildings, simple, prefab housing and even entire communities that have gone green.

Whether you’re a treehugger seeking primarily to reduce your carbon footprint, or an ultra-modern homeseeker who wants something ethical and cutting edge, or you’re simply interested in what’s on the forefront of cool, the gallery will have something that appeals to you.

Finally, the cluster proves that any building can be made green(er), including car manufacturing plants and even gas stations.