Grand Hyatt Dubai

 - Oct 14, 2007
Hyatt is proving that the hotel chain is taking climate change seriously, and is taking concrete action to save the environment.

Grand Hyatt Dubai had its main water heating system converted from diesel oil-fired to solar-powered recently. Their intention is to reduce United Arab Emirate's carbon footprint, as it is now the second largest emitter of CO2 per capita in the world.

With the completion of the solar plant, the kitchens, laundries, guest rooms, pool and spa areas are no longer dependent on generators that emit toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

With the installation of the solar panels, the hotel has not only performed its social responsibility, but has also cut down on its running costs. Grand Hyatt hotel has dropped its water consumption by 120,000 gallons a day and is being spared from the spiralling cost of diesel in the UAE.