Save the World One House at a Time

 - Jan 16, 2007
References: & treehugger
With all homes having to be "zero-carbon" in the UK by 2016, it only makes sense that contractors gear up toward the future. Summits are currently being held between the Home Builders Federation (HBF) and Government to work towards attaining their goal. "These houses will produce less than half the carbon emissions of a traditionally built house, they will cost about a third as much to run, and we're building them at the same cost as a standard house type in this country". Currently in the UK homes are responsible for 30% of emissions, the government hopes to substantially reduce this in the coming years. With Zero Carbon housing being implemented in the UK, how long will it take for this standard to be set in North America.
"A zero-carbon house is defined as one which produces as much energy, by using solar panels or wind turbines, as it consumes". -Treehugger