Desert Winds Eco Spa

 - Mar 5, 2008
When thinking of a spa, I envision a natural, calm, quiet setting, not over the top sterile environments like Las Vegas. But Vegas may be the best place for this environmentally friendly Desert Winds Eco Spa. The concept is for a solar and wind powered development.

It would be composed of pre-fab units which could be married to make individual spaces. Each one would provide its own unique, cool spa in the middle of the desert.

"Each of these modules would be equipped with a segmented secondary structure which could be automatically pulled around the central space in order to completely shade it from the hot desert sun," Ecofriend explains. "These segmented shade structures would monitor the movement of the sun, and in response, automatically rotate slowly around the center enclosed spaces."

"At the top of each of the modular structures, there would be mounted a vertical axis wind turbine. These wind turbines, along with various photovoltaic arrays, would generate most of the energy needed to operate the facility. Rainwater would be collected off of the structures and stored for later use."

It was designed by Michael Jantzen.