The Modular Dice House

 - Jun 14, 2008
The Dice House architectural concept is a zero carbon home designed to be used both as a stand alone house and as part of an attached multiple dwelling scheme.

The 9x9 meter cube which sits on an octagonal plinth, is set back from the facade of the house to emphasize the outline of the Dice.

The front and rear facades are broken up by glazings and openings maximizing access to and from the house and providing a view of its surroundings. The grass roof sits atop a large thermoplastic ETFE pillow shaped 'Umbrella' and it acts as an architectural cap as well as a greenhouse space which strongly defines the three floor levels binding them into one symmetric whole.

I am not sure how practical and functional this architectural concept is but the design is marvelous. The Dice is the brainchild of the British architecture firm Sybarite.