The Lilypad

 - Jun 11, 2008
This ecotectural marvel built by Vincent Callebaut could serve as a luxurious future retreat for 50,000 inhabitants seeking refuge from rising waters due to global warming.

Dubbed the Lilypad, the floating structure is not only an optical wonder, but is a dramatic display of the most modern green innovations.

Callebaut calls it a "Floating Ecopolis for Climate Refugees" and hopes it will make the transition from design to reality around the year 2100. His designs depict the Lilypad residing in the tropical, affluent paradise of Monte Carlo, Monaco.

He believes the world will be desperately seeking shelter from the devastations of climate change, and hopes the auto-sufficient amphibious city will serve as a luxurious solution.

The Lilypad, which features stealth Mercedes branding in its windows, looks almost like a manta ray in design. The lower half of the floating community is submerged, while the top extends upwards to soak up solar energy. The whole structure is covered in green walls and roofs, the top portion covered in grasses with the inner portion featuring a palm oasis, and the under portion serving as a bed for natural sea planktons and oceanic plants.