The Iceberg

 - May 22, 2008
References: dezeen
Architect Julien de Smedt may have had the preservation of rapidly disappearing icebergs in mind when designing this funky, aesthetically-pleasing development. The Iceberg housing project won a competition to build a complex at the Aarhus docklands development in Denmark. Architects Julien de Smedt and Aarhus-based CEBRA architects, in collaboration with French architect Louis Paillard and the Dutch firm SeArch, dreamed up this future community that has an expected completion date for 2010.

"The area is meant to become a living city quarter, comprised of a multitude of cultural and social activities, a generous amount of workplaces, and of course, a highly mixed and diverse array of housing types,' Dezeen says. "The Iceberg Project seeks to locate itself within the goals of the overall city development."

This housing project has a beautiful aesthetic. I love that they are planning an integrated, socially and culturally diverse community for it. The Iceberg will be comprised of over 200 apartments and a variety of shops, cultural and social activities and ample workplaces.

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