Japan's Aeon and Oasis 21 Green Architecture

 - May 14, 2009
References: 1greenproduct
It looks like ultra-techie Japan may be leading the world’s efforts to build green buildings. The Aeon shopping mall near Yonago and the Oasis21 mall in the city of Nagoya are beautiful and inspiring feats of eco-friendly architecture.

The Aeon shopping mall is almost completely covered in solar panels, which provide almost all of its power requirements. There are also ‘living walls’ which help to decontaminate urban environments.

The roof of the Oasis21 in the city’s Sakae shopping district is covered in mini water pools, which function to control the environment in the shopping plaza and underground shopping center.

Each of these extraordinary architectural designs help to reduce Japan’s carbon footprint while providing some beautiful tech-savvy scenery.