Eco Architecture For More Sustainable Towers in Mumbai

 - Feb 10, 2009
References: worldarchitecturenews
The Kohinoor Skyscraper Competition stimulated the design of two innovative green towers by the US-based firm Perkins Eastman. The competition aimed to rejuvenate mixed-use urban development in busy Mumbai, India, for which these visionary architects created sustainable and greener tower concepts. The first proposal introduces a singular 33-storey, 108,000 square meter skyscraper along with a two-storey retail base; the second showcases a low- and mid-rise tower with 69,700 square meters of total area cover.

The highly eco-minded firm enhances its designs with elaborate sustainable elements and systems, such as intelligent facade designs, alternative energies exploitation for electricity production, and rainwater harvesting and recycling; it also integrates smart technologies such as solar chimneys to harness natural light and abundant facade plantings to filter and improve air quality.

Apart from environmental-friendly and functional, the novel architectural platforms feature vibrant color palettes and sleek materials that fuse the rich Indian culture with a modern sustainable structure.

Two green skyscrapers will probably do little to make up for the soaring pollution levels in Mumbai, but changes happen a step at a time and we would surely like to see this realized.