From Hand-Shaped Soap to Decapitated Pinatas & Leggy Ceramics

 - Oct 24, 2009
These disembodied innovations took me quite some time to curate, and illustrate a shocking fascination pop culture seems to have with disembodied body parts. Do you think the "leg men" in your life would go so far as to decorate their bachelor pad with the disembodied, leggy furniture and disembodied ceramics seen below?

One thing's for sure: These disembodied innovations are as curious as they are creepy. Which is your favorite disembodied creation?

Implications - XX

Having a pair of legs waiting for you when you want to wash your hands is certainly an innovative and quirky concept. I love it when furniture and design is centered around the likeness of human bodies; it is just a super fantastic design concept that I think should be employed more often.