Stephanie Alice Rogers' Creepy Characters

 - Sep 22, 2008   Updated: Jul 13 2011
References: strangemoonart
Pretty faced dolls are giving way to realistic faces and odd faces. Each of these dolls by Stephanie Alice Rogers has a story to tell. She creates her doll artwork from fabric, clay, paint, wood, human hair and found objects. Her work reflects the characters from novels, omens, superstitions, myths and legends.

Do you have a story for each doll? Give it a go, then compare yours with the artist's.

Implications - The spirit behind the creation of these dolls smacks of the same spirit that was responsible for ad campaigns like Dove's "Campaign for Real Women." By eschewing the conventional (and unrealistic) designs associated with Barbies and other dolls marketed toward children, Stephanie Alice Rogers offers a more attainable and personal form of doll for consumers. Despite the creepiness.