From Dismembered Doll Canisters to Barbie-Armed Jewelry

 - May 22, 2013
Some dolls are creepy fresh out of their boxes from the store, but things definitely become unsettling when doll parts are used to make entirely new objects. Although these creations are made with children's toys, all traces of childhood innocence are removed and replaced with the slightly eerie.

The dismembered doll parts that might have once been the most beautiful feature of a Barbie may now be a drawer pull, a ring or a the hook on a coat rack. Although these may be unsettling because they are clearly made of reused doll parts, there are some creations that better disguise the items; anyone unwilling to let go of the nostalgia of their youth can quite literally wear it around their neck with jewelry like Barbie-arm bracelets and doll-face rings.