Decapitated Animals at Laguna Beach

 - Nov 18, 2007
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Sounds a lot like “The 12 Days of Christmas": two headless goats, three decapitated chickens, a beheaded rooster and a dove :

"The headless goats were found inside a purple burlap sack on the sand a week ago. The other beheaded animals turned up in recent days," Yahoo news reported.

However, local police at Laguna Beach can't figure out where all the decapitated animals are coming from. "It's something I haven't seen in my 18 years on the job," Laguna Beach police Sgt. Jason Kravetz told the Los Angeles Times.

"We are looking at all kinds of things -- Halloween prank stuff, kids or cold, ritualistic-type activities," Kravetz said. "They are wet. That means they are close to the surf line or they are washing up.'

This is not what you'd expect to find in Southern California, especially not at one of the most beautiful beaches.