- Oct 3, 2012
The Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Denver presidential debate is creating quite a stir among the media. It will be the first time that the two candidates will be talking to each other and discussing their points of view on the American economy and other global issues.

When debating in front of billions of viewers, it is always important to be composed, speak intellectually and wear your Sunday best. Public image plays a very important role in gaining votes. This was proven true with the infamous John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon televised debate in 1960. Kennedy looked dapper in his suit and tie while Nixon looked disheveled and unkempt.

This collection of finely dressed men in business attire shows off the best clothing possibilities for the Denver presidential debate. They include sleek monochromatic suits and dashing couture sport jackets that will be sure to leave a lasting impression.

Buisnesswear Inspired by the Obama and Romney Presidential Debate: