Each of These Pastry Hybrids Conjoins Two Delectable Desserts into One

 - Aug 15, 2013
One thing that the recent cronut fad has taught us is that two delectable desserts can be even better when united. Inspired by pastry hybrids like cronuts, many bakeries and DIYs are coming up with creative fixes to sweets cravings.

Baking a cake is evermore creative with the limitless option of ingredients. Cakes are now resembling Twinkies, Rice Krispies squares or ice cream sundaes.

Not only are flavors meshed, but also the visual presentation of desserts. Cakes are being made in the shape of lollipops, French macarons like ice cream sandwiches and brownies like cupcakes. This blurred line between the different pastries is exciting, because it experiments with flavors and forms. Innovative pastry hybrids are fresh, less common and unpredictable.