From Debonair Dandy Editorials to Nordic Couture Captures

 - Mar 16, 2014
These dapper male editorials are showcasing how menswear collections have evolved over the years to feature more sleek and sophisticated styles.

When it comes to couture clothing, most people often associate these elegant designs with more female-oriented ensembles. These dapper menswear shoots however, are here to illustrate that menswear can also be elegant and refined in design. Straying away from the more rebellious and hipster imagery often associated with mainstream styles, these dapper editorials are demonstrating more debonair influences by incorporating suits, tailored jackets and slicked back haircuts. Perfect for any gentleman who desires a refreshingly modern makeover, these editorials will surely offer some dashing outfit choices for any formal gathering.

From innocent suited editorials to darkly militant menswear, these polished menswear looks are definitely bringing refined apparel back into the spotlight.