The Unleash Editorial by Photographer Leo B is Filled with Baggy Clothing

 - Mar 1, 2014
The Unleash editorial for Fucking Young! online features ill-fitting fashion and a sickly male model. This intriguing series by photographer Leo B focuses on a goofy (and pale) young man sporting baggy black and white clothes and doing a number of silly faces.

Most of these shots make the model look like he's peering into the bathroom mirror. In one photo his face is covered in shaving cream. In another shot the model appears to have a nose bleed. He sports massive black pants and puffy white jackets in these shots. He also has big dark circles under his eyes, making him look like he's sick.

This loose-fitting fashion series has a youthful feel behind it. The featured model sticks his tongue out and squishes his face in these peculiar fashion photos.