Innovations Leading up to BlackBerry 10, From Keyboards to Cases to Apps

 - Jan 31, 2013
With the BlackBerry 10 release finally upon us, it seems that the rumors of Canadian BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion's (RIM) death have been greatly exaggerated.

Research in Motion has hit on some tough times in recent years with some super stiff competition from Apple's iPhone and Google's Android platforms. It seems like the time that everyone had or at least wanted a BlackBerry has passed, but for the first time in years, people are talking about the BlackBerry 10 release with excitement and anticipation.

As one of the biggest electronics launches of the year, it's really interesting to look at BlackBerry innovations throughout the years. From the user-friendly keyboard, to extravagant cases, to unique BlackBerry apps, to interesting redesigns of the hardware over the year to celebrity sightings with the phones, BlackBerry has been at the forefront of tech and pop culture for a long time.

Will the BlackBerry 10 release be enough to return RIM to its former perch atop the tech world? Time will tell, but no one can ever take BlackBerry's legacy away.