Courses For People Too Stupid to Use Their Phone

 - Sep 9, 2007
References: swirlsolutions
Too stupid to use your Blackberry? Take a course.

All joking aside, Vancouver-based Swirl Solutions offers 9 modules of training to help you get the most out of your Blackberry. The Swirl website describes, "Our BlackBerry® training is ideal for corporate executives, entrepreneurs, managers and consumers who need quick instruction on time-saving device features and tips that will allow you to use it more efficiently."

Here's the list of modules:

Module 1: BlackBerry Basics
Module 2: Phone
Module 3: Address Book
Module 4: Messaging
Module 5: Calendar
Module 6: Browser
Module 7: Memos & Tasks
Module 8: Options Menu
Module 9: Best Practices and FAQs