An Esmenta Acupuncture Campaign Remedies Modern Behavior

 - Jun 26, 2011
References: tbwa & adsoftheworld
Fast-paced modern society urges us to eat fast food and live with our cellphones glued to our hands, but this Esmenta Acupuncture campaign challenges such social norms with a different approach to wellness.

The 'Escuela de Medicina Natural, Tradicional y Alternativa' promotes natural and alternative treatments for your ailments, especially those that have roots in unhealthy habits.

Serial smokers, unproductive dieters and those with BlackBerry appendages may suffer from anxiety, stress, other mental health inflictions, and of course, physical illnesses like digestive problems and lung cancers. These three prints attempt to convey a tried and true method of remedying such situations, in as simple a way as possible. As such, in executing the Esmenta Acupuncture campaign, the TBWA/GUATE advertising agency stuck needles directly into an assortment of obsession-incurring objects.